Yass Prize 2023 Semifinalist

The 2023 Yass Prize Semifinalist represent a microcosm of 21st century, personalized approaches that better educate students, pre-K and beyond.

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The 2023 Yass Prize Semifinalists represent a microcosm of 21st-century, personalized approaches that better educate students, pre-K, and beyond.

The extraordinary breadth and depth of these competitors for the grand prize are carving pathways to success that defy convention. From educational metaverses and AI-driven organizations that address the whole learning cycle to more familiar yet unique learning environments, and from content-rich learning solutions to training and leadership, these amazing 64 awardees are all transforming education for students at every level and every stage of life.

This year’s first set of awardees are not only unconventional in their ethos and work but they share a passion and commitment to defying educational malaise.

They are not just entrepreneurs. They are challengers.

You were selected from nearly 2,000 applications, representing 27 million students from every sector in education and every grade in the PreK-12 continuum across all 50 states.

This year, the leadership of the Yass Prize added a few more non-providers into the mix than in years past, groups that offer other kinds of solutions that can complement and draw on the work being done the full-service, STOP-enabled education providers in the cohort, like black male leadership and educator recruitment, civics programming, parent empowerment, mental health and supports to expand education opportunity to more students.

Together, the new cohort of 64 can address the needs of every sort of student and family, every kind of terrain, community, and challenge.

What is the Yass Prize

The $1 Million Yass Prize celebrates the country’s education provider which best demonstrates the STOP principles. In conjunction with The Yass Prize, the STOP Awards initiative provides over $20 million in support annually to honor educators who achieve excellence.

The Yass Foundation for Education advances the four core STOP principles: Sustainable, Transformational, Outstanding, and Permissionless education. Each year, the Foundation will reward dozens of organizations, building a growing network of innovative providers that demonstrate these qualities in their commitment to new ideas, technologies, and approaches to learning that bring education into the 21st century. The Foundation is powered by the Center for Education Reform (CER) in partnership with Forbes.