Akoma Ntoso

  • 4-20 members becoming better classroom educators. Finding their leadership voice and developing into instructional gangstas. 
  • Monthly meets, mentorship, furthering education, book studies, one on one coaching, individualized learning tracks, social discounts, and preferential access

Liberation Leadership Lab

  • An unlimited number of local black school building leaders explore the intricacies of being a school leader in an increasingly polarizing and challenging landscape. 
  • Leadership networking events, school site visits, professional speaking, and presentation opportunities.

Equity School Improvement

  • 5-15 Black Male Education Consultants; 500-1500 teachers engaging with whole school equity and diversity consulting. 
  • School observations, audits, gap analysis, and action planning

Monthly Development and Networking

  • Unlimited attendee monthly meet ups 
  • Includes summer and winter bookend and supplies events