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Scholarship Fund

The future of education is in our hands. With the demographics of educators becoming less and less diverse every year, by the year 2030 the Black Male Educational Leader could easily be extinct. More diversity in the teaching workforce leads to higher achievement for all students, especially those that inherit less opportunities due to race or socioeconomic class. Brothers Liberating Our Communities (BLOC) is working to bring more diversity to the k-12 experience by increasing the number of Black men in schools

We need your help!

All students can learn from a diverse teaching staff and BLOC wants to provide opportunities for you to support the Liberation of Our Communities. BLOC’s goal is to support ten students with $500 who have expressed interest in entering the education career. Their investment in our profession is one we want to acknowledge and support, encouraging them to return as teachers to their own communities. The teachers that will change our world are currently sitting in schools, as students.

Brothers Liberating Our Communities believes that if we add more Black males to the K-12 experience, we can
revolutionize education.

Establishing a scholarship fund that removes financial barriers for students who are pursuing careers in education will be even more incentivized to pass on their passion for education to the next generation of students and leaders.

As we grow and expand opportunities, here are some ways you can be on the BLOC: refer a high school or college student to apply for BLOC’s scholarship program, sign up your school community or student to a pathway exposure program with BLOC, or contribute to the scholarship fund! We want you to be involved and aware of how you can #supporttheBlackMaleLeader!

Sponsorship Levels


UP TO $1,000

Directly supports Black male educator retention and sustainment through support and appreciation.



Directly supports Prospective Black Male Educator Scholarships for current and upcoming college students.



Directly supports Pathway programming for students as young as 3rd grade. Special in-school and out of school activities and workshops that get young children interested in teaching.



Directly supports cornerstone BLOC programming. Programs that develop and increase effectiveness of Black Male Educators through cohort membership.


  • All are welcome to Apply!
  • Interested in education (written or video expressed interest)
  • Senior in High School
  • Accepted into college or university, or currently enrolled
  • 2.5 gpa or above

Application closes

July 1, 2023

Selections will be made by

July 15, 2023

Prospective Black Male current and upcoming college students apply today!