Akoma Ntoso


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Akoma Ntoso


In fall 2022, BLOC will launch its first Akoma Ntoso Fellowship model as an opportunity for Black Male Educators and their school systems to take student achievement to the next level. Through listening and working sessions, BLOC has partnered with local educational agencies to create a rigorous, specified, and targeted curriculum for Black Male Educators to increase their technical skill base. Through collaboration and thought partnership, BLOC can affect systems change

Akoma Ntoso is a Ghanaian Adinkra symbol, literally translating “linked hearts.” Metaphorically, Akoma Ntoso embodies understanding and agreement, as well as harmony within communities. The physical symbol depicts four hearts linked together, emphasizing mutual sympathy and immortality of the soul. Additionally, Akoma Ntoso promotes unity among families and communities.


Membership in an Akoma Ntoso Fellowship requires you fully engage and lean into the programs BLOC provides and schedules. You are highly encouraged to attend 100% of all programming. If you cannot attend 75% or more of the programming, you will forfeit your placement in the cohort. In order to qualify for a Akoma Ntoso fellowship, you must identify as a Black male, and be at least 18 years of age.


The Akoma Ntosa Fellowship will focus on developing and enhancing member educators’ skills and abilities. At the completion of the two year growth experience, Aya members will have deepened their skill sets to prepare themselves for leadership in their unique education contexts.


Over the two year growth experience, Black Male Educators will spend targeted and rigorous time in carefully structured buckets of learning. The priorities in the Akoma Ntosa Fellowship include but are not limited to:

Academy A Experience Years 0-3

Foundations of Liberation Education

  • Expectations and Logistics
  • Identity and Intersectionality
  • Content and Results
Academy B Experience Years 4-7

Expanding your Liberatory Influence

  • Effective Team Building
  • Authenticity in Leadership
  • Success Management


Akoma Ntoso Fellowship participants will be recognized across the Kansas City Metro Area for their passion towards revolutionary education. Through the learning experience, Black men will be sustained and retained in the profession for a lifetime. BLOC will create the next generation of Liberatory and dynamic Black Male Educators that will reimagine schools and learning that works for all students. In order to reach our goal, the Akoma Ntoso Fellowship will provide the following:

  • Financial assistance towards continuing education

  • Professional Development designed for Black Male Educators

  • Priority access to all BLOC programming / resources

  • Discounted rates at partner businesses

  • 1 : 1 Black male mentor / growth coach

  • Paid tutoring / mentoring opportunities with local parents,families, organizations